our facility

Our main facility in Garden City, Missouri is our base of operation. This facility offers on site semen collection and embryo collection along with an on site sale ring.

We also have a farm in North Missouri that consists of grazing lands in addition to that we have contracted calf producers in Southern Missouri.

  • 100% Finished full blood Wagyu steer 1820 pounds live weight. Hanging weight 1165 pounds
  • Pen full of 100% full blood Wagyu steers 1500 pounds and up
  • Mature 4 year old Full blood from the Suzutani line.
Reserve Cattle Company is taking steps to increase the development of practical breeding maturity in Wagyu cattle with automated feeding. We are getting calves weaned faster and healthier with biologically normal feeding schedules to optimize early growth potential by developing the rumen and improving calf weight and frame similar to dairy operations. We can wean a bottle calf in 70 days with the Urban Calf Mom and free choice feed and forage.